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The Big 12 consists of some of the most dominant college football schools in history. With teams like Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska, these three schools have 15 national championships combined, 16 overall for all of the Big 12 (one less than the SEC through 2009 - 2010).

Big 12 football programs produce Heisman candidates and winners year after year and always seem to be represented in two BCS bowls. Some college football alumni of the Big 12 include Barry Sanders, Earl Campbell, Roy Williams, Eric Metcalf, Tom Landry, Vince Young, Tommy McDonald and 2008 Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford. Combined, the Big 12 has 86 players in the College Football Hall of Fame.

These players come from the great college football powerhouses of Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska which hold some of the most prestigious records, and some of the best history and tradition in college football.

Oklahoma Sooners.
Oklahoma Sooners. Thanks to for the picture. Source: Jeff Sandquist

The Oklahoma Sooners have the longest winning streak in Division I-A history of 47 games, the most wins in the college football modern era and the most points scored in Division I-A despite the fact they have played over 60 fewer games than the second place school.

The Texas Longhorns have the record for most consecutive years with at least one player in the draft, dating back to 1938.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have the most wins and highest winning percentage in the last 50 years.

Texas Longhorns.
Texas Longhorns. Thanks to for the picture. Source: Shane Pope

Players from the Big 12 have won 13 Heisman trophies. The coaches of the Big 12 are also legendary. Coaches like Bob Stoops, Barry Switzer, Bud Wilkinson, Bennie Owen, Tom Osborne, Darrell Royal and Bob Devaney coached for teams in the Big 12. These coaches made college football into what it was. Bennie Owen introduced the forward pass to college football; Royal, the wishbone formation; and Osbourne, the running quarterback.

Huskers Football
Huskers Football. Thanks to for the picture. Source: beatboxbadhabit

The Big 12 makes a run for the National Championship every year and is historically the best college conference in the nation. With some of the most successful college football programs in the nation, the Big 12 is the definition of a college football powerhouse.

SEC fans, never fear. Your view is represented well at SEC is Top All-Time College Football Conference.

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