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Finding the best sports blogs is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are many thousands of sports blogs and new ones pop up each day. But, when you find a great one, wow, that's awesome. Great sports blogs are informative, insightful, accurate, interesting and entertaining. The best ones will also give you a chance to interact with other fans and make yourself heard as well by posting your own opinions and comments.

Of course, blogs, websites and forums all kind of run together and it's not always real clear which is which. So, really we just look for great sports sites. I love Southeastern Conference (SEC) Football, so I LOVE SEC Talk and SEC Sports Fan Blog.

The blogs we have included in our "best of the best" sports blogs are organized by sport so that you can find what you are really looking for quickly. You will see that we list all sorts of blogs, from huge sports blogs covering almost every sport imaginable to small, but great, personal blogs. Sometimes professional writers get in their experience to the posts in the blogs while at others it’s just a sports fanatic like you and me writing down his or her thoughts on the web.

The Best Sports Blog: Cover everything in the world of sports from the hottest current story to the issues that have been around forever. Share your opinions and read comments from other fans about issues relevant to the world of college and pro football, basketball and baseball.

SEC Sports Fan: The SEC sports fan's source for SEC Sports information, opinion, discussion, merchandise and tickets.

Saturday Down South: Saturday Down South is the home of SEC Football fans. SDS is the ultimate source of uncensored commentary and fanaticism on the Southeastern Conference. Breaking SEC Football news one story at a time.

SportsAsToldByAGirl: A Girl's Account of All Things Sports. SportsAsToldByAGirl is a female brand dedicated to promoting the voice of women in sports with the utmost integrity.


At this point we have four different categories of blogs. They are our:

  • Best Football Blogs
    All you football fans out there will love what you will find in our list of best football blogs. You'll find our recommended blogs will provide you information on any imaginable topic related to the game.

  • Best Baseball Blogs
    This page will guide you to a number of quality baseball blogs that have been pre-screened for you. The list includes eminent blogs from the stable of large publishers like SB Nation. It also includes a number of personal blogs maintained by well informed fans of college and professional baseball. So, you can catch up with the latest MLB hot rumors or check out the injured players in your favorite team. There are a few blogs that specialize in providing information relevant to fantasy sports. Make use of them to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors :)

  • Best Basketball Blogs
    These quality blogs cover both NBA and College b-ball topics. You'll find emotion in them that echoes the emotions every die-hard fan goes through when his team wins or loses.

  • Best Hockey Blogs
    The big bad world of hockey has lots of interesting stories that you might be interested in. Keep up with all of them through the hockey blogs we have selected for you. They have all been tested for the quality of the content and you will enjoy reading through the interesting NHL commentary.

Some other specific blogs we follow religiously are:
  • Sports Blogs is the big daddy of all sports content aggregators and can provide with very good information on your favorite sport or team. The site lists blogs on various sports in a very well organized manner so that you do not need to scour all over the internet to get hold of the information you are seeking. The posts on this blog are written by local fans and you get to see the posts from their perspective. Usually these are unbiased and closer to reality, because they come from the fans, and all that is important to them is the sport and their team. If you want to stay on top of the happenings in the world of your favorite sport then subscribe to the RSS feed on

  • Ball Hype was started with a massive ambition of being the one stop shop for anything related to sports. If there is a sport that people are passionate about, they like talking about, there is some rumor doing rounds and people find it interesting enough to inquire about, then chances are that information can be found at Alex Afterman, the editor in chief does a fantastic job in maintaining the blog covering so many sports. The beauty about this blog is that you are not bombarded with a lot of information. The editorial team cuts through most of the fluff so that you get the information in a very concise form that you can interpret easily. While at it, check out Ball Hype's main competition at Yardbarker. Yardbarker is also excellent.

  • Sporting News Blog is a sporting blog with a difference. It’s not only the information that is important for the folks at Sporting News Blog but also the way it is presented. They add a pinch of humor to the posts made on the blog thereby giving you enough entertainment, exactly the reason why you headed up to this blog in the first place. The blog specializes in sports information that you would not usually find in the newspaper headlines or in box scores. Whatever sport you love and whatever team you support you will find your own little place at Sporting

  • Yahoo sports blogs
  • Last, but not least is Yahoo Sports Blogs. Yahoo is big, we all know that. The resources they have make it easy for them to get some of the best of bloggers on board to maintain their sports blogs. You will find blogs covering all the major and minor sports from around the world. NFL, NBA, NCAAF, NASCAR, MMA, Olympics, MLB, NHL, NCAAB, Golf, Tennis, Soccer are some of the leagues, events and sports that are covered in this big network of sports blogs. The blogs owned by Yahoo do have a big fan following and a very experienced set of writers or bloggers at the core of the editorial team. That means lot's of fun and enjoyment for the sports fan -- you and me.

Are you on the lookout for best sports blogs? Check out these blogs! They have posts that will rebel against your thoughts that will make you laugh, cry and show all sorts of emotions, that you never thought you were capable of. They are written by people who are celebrities in their own right; sometimes eccentric and others perfectly normal.

Blog by Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is the billionaire owner of Mavericks. He is straight spoken and does not mince words when the time is right for him to share his opinion on any and everything under the Sun. His blog is one that has received quite a bit of attention because of his straight talk attitude. There have been numerous occasions when he has been fined for criticizing NBA officials. Can you imagine the man has been fined to the tune of $1.3 million for his words? Does not that make you curious to have a look at a few of his posts? Well it certainly made me curious when I heard of that figure. The way he writes his posts you will get the feeling that he is incredibly well informed on the topics, which I personally believe he is. And if he is not, they he surely is one of the best copy writers of our times.

Chris Cooley’s Blog

Not everybody starts his or her blog to share the thoughts bombarding the brain cells. Different people have different reasons of starting their personal blogs. Washington Redskins Pro Bowler Chris Cooley had his own reason to start this blog. He wanted to support his brother by providing him financial support to get into medical school. That is when he thought of this idea to start up his blog to earn money through merchandise sales and advertisements that could be used for his brother’s medical school tuition fee. Chris estimated an income of $250000 per year from the blog, good enough to support a medical school education in any country on the planet. Cooley’s writings are factual and his style is entertaining. One of the major reasons I read his blog is that he more often than not believes in the thoughts that he projects in his posts. This is certainly one of the best sports blogs I would recommend to anybody.

Curt Shilling’s Blog

Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Shilling is a veteran when it comes to professional baseball. He is known for his contribution to the Red Sox victory in ALCS 2004. He is a loudmouth we know that, and I can see you giving that smile anticipating the tempo of the posts on his blogs. Let me tell you, you are right. The blog is just an extension of his brain and mouth. Curt is one star who firmly believes that "a successful man is known by the enemies he has". What else could you say about an individual who has got enemies in his front offices, in media and even in his own club house? He is a Conservative supporter and that is pretty much evident from some of his posts. The blog contains posts from almost all aspects of social life and hence is not a standalone sports blog.

Joe Torre’s Blog

This Los Angeles Dodgers manager has had quite a transformation from being a hardnosed New Yorker to a relaxed and fun loving Los Angeles dude. His blog posts are interesting to read. He does not write exclusively on sports. But if you notice the pattern of the posts on his blog then there are three things that he focuses on. The first being sports, followed by travel and glamour.

Anonymous Blog

Anonymous Blog

What else could be more intriguing than a sports blog by some anonymous fellow that is highly popular among its loyal readers? That is exactly the reason why this is a part of my list of best sports blogs. This blog belongs to the MLBlogs network. The topics are well distributed across a variety of topics. The posts are light hearted and fun to read. The amazing part which keeps readers glued to it is that this blog is the first to give insider information about the happenings in the Red Sox dressing room. So be it a new hiring rumor or a specific strategy, you will get the most reliable information here, before it is made public.

Tonys Soccer School Football Academy.

Soccer School

Let us know what you think of any of the blogs we recommend or if you know of others we should be talking about.

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