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Hello and welcome to www.best-all-time.com.

So, who are we?

We are just a group of friends who like to talk sports. A lot. And, almost every conversation seems to end up in a debate over who or what was the best all-time -- whatever -- in the world of sports.

Not only do we spend a lot of time talking sports, but even more time reading about it and/or researching facts, figures, sports minutia to support our opinions. Our wives are often amazed by the sports information that has found its way into our heads. [This is particularly amazing when compared with the relative dearth of other information up there.]

Anyway, we decided rather than let all this time, energy, and knowledge go to waste, we would document our most considered opinions and share them with the world. What better way than through the world wide web? Thus, this site was born.

Of course no two people will agree on all "best all-time" sports issues. So, we encourage everyone to have their own say. You will see we have forms at the bottom of nearly every page where you can submit your opinion about the topic. It's fun, easy and contributes to this sports community.

We don't approve all submissions (no junk please). But, we approve and publish most. After they are published, others can read them, rate them, and comment on them.

So, please, share your opinion.
We are always anxious to get feedback on the site and particularly ideas to improve the site -- or advertising proposals. Please let us know if you have comments or questions by using the form below or at Contact Us. You can read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Mo Johnson www.best-all-time.com
Football writers association of america
Thanks for visiting and we hope you'll return often.

Mo Johnson
U.S. Army, Retired

Member, Football Writers Assocation of America

p.s. If interested in how we built this site, check out this story about how we built our first site -- SEC Sports Fan -- at How to Build a Sports Website or click the graphic below.

You can support this website by purchasing products you need through the links on the ads below. Just click on the ad and you'll arrive at Amazon, Football Fanatics or Ticket City. We'll earn a small commission on anything you purchase on that visit. It will help us keep this site going and growing and not cost you any more than you would have paid anyway. Thank you for your support.

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