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The best all-time pro sports team is absolutely the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. As a member of the North division of the AFC, which is part of the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers have a huge list of accomplishments as a team. They have won more Super Bowl titles, won more AFC championship games and hosted more conference championship games than any other team in the AFC or NFC. They have played in more AFC conference championship games than any other team and are the current National Football League champions after their win of the Super Bowl in February 2009. With such a long history of not only surviving but thriving, as they face the challenges of the National Football League, The Pittsburgh Steelers have earned the title of best all-time professional sports team.

Part of what makes the Pittsburgh Steelers such a wonderful team is the fact that the ownership of this team has remained within one family since its founding in 1933. The Rooney family has passed this team down through the generations and make sure that it is run with family values, as well as keeping their eye on the prize.

Pittsburgh Steeler fans are called the Steeler Nation, and believe me; you know when you're in the presence of a Steeler fan. These people seem to bleed black and gold and the team deserves that much loyalty from their fans. There have been fans to decorate their Christmas trees in black and gold then proceed to keep them up and on display until the Super Bowl in support of their team. Now you know that that would make for a spirited Super Bowl party to be in the presence of someone who was that supportive of their team. When you watch a Steelers game on TV or attend one in person. It's easy to spot the Steelers fans dressed in Steelers jerseys painted with black and gold and being very loud and rambunctious as they cheer their team to victory. By the way, Steeler fans are truly part of a "Steeler Nation" because you will find rabid Steeler fans almost anywhere you go in the United States.

A beautiful day for football at Heinz Field.
A beautiful day for football at Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Thanks to cynthiacloskey for the picture.

Having had such greats on their roster, as Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth and “Mean” Joe Greene. The Steelers have had a huge list of very talented professional football players and coaches. Since the AFL has joined the NFL, which happened in 1970 the Steelers have posted the best record in pro football. They've won the most total games, the most division titles and have the best winning percentage. The Steelers also have the most All-Pro nominations and the most Super Bowl wins since the league began in 1970. Now who can argue with records like that? No one, it's simple to see that the Steelers are the #1 best sports team in history.

Pittsburgh Steelers great roster Terry Bradshaw.
Pittsburgh Steelers great roster Terry Bradshaw.
Thanks to Steph Anderson on for the picture.

More than 20 Pittsburgh Steelers players and coaches have been inducted into the NFL Pro football Hall of Fame. The 2009 season promises to be just as exciting as every other Pittsburgh Steelers football season with a fresh crop of talented pro football players. Led by head coach Mike Tomlin, and with the Rooney family behind them, this team could once again make it to the Super Bowl and earn yet another Super Bowl championship ring.

You can read more about the Pittsburgh Steelers at Top All-Time Professional Football Franchise.

Pittsburgh Steelers football team.
Pittsburgh Steelers football team.
Thanks to SteelCityHobbies on for the picture.

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