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This article is about the best fans of all-time. That's right, bar none. Best baseball fans; best sports fans; best professional sports fans.... You name it, Chicago Cubs fans are simply the best fans in sports history.

The Cubs baseball franchise has to be the most unlucky, yet celebrated club in sports history. They were cursed because of a goat over 60 years ago and as a result, haven’t been to the World Series since the year they were cursed, 1945, and have not won a championship since 1908.

For 101 years, Cub’s fans have waited for their baseball team to bring a championship back to the North Side. In those 101 years, two world wars have been fought, dictators like Stalin and Hitler have fallen, the Soviet Union formed and broke up, an atom bomb dropped, and still the Cub’s have not won. Yet through all of this, the citizens of Chicago still turn on their televisions everyday during the summer at 1 P.M. and watch the Cubs play, hoping that they will return to the World Series and bring back a trophy. For this reason, Cubs fans are the best fans of all time.

Starting in 1902, the Chicago Cubs franchise has had its highs and lows. In 1906, the Cubs posted the highest season win percentage for a baseball team with a 116-36 record, a win percentage of .763.

The next two years they won consecutive World Series, the only two World Series they have ever won. Between 1906 and 1945, they won 10 National League pennants, but again, none since then.

Cubs Fans At Wrigley Cheer.
Cubs Fans At Wrigley Cheer.
Thanks to Somewhat Frank on for the picture.

In 1916, Wrigley Field opened and the Chicago Cubs were given a new home. Wrigley Field has served as a stadium for the Cubs for 93 years, the oldest National League ballpark. Cub’s fans flocked to Wrigley Field for daily afternoon games during the summer, and the fanaticism for the Cubs began.

Cubs fans pretty much live in Wrigley. Since 2004, every game has been a sellout. The desire for Cubs tickets has reached a point where people would build seats on top of their buildings, in order to watch the Cubs games. If you look just outside the stands of Wrigley Field during a baseball game, you will see die-hard Cubs fans watching the game in homemade seats on the rooftops of apartments. Cubs fans love their team, and they will pretty much go to any lengths to watch the ball game live.

Another example of how Cubs fans are the top fans of any team in America is the amount of fans there are. Whenever I go to a baseball game against the Cub’s, no matter where it’s at, there are always thousands of Cubs fans. They flock to stadiums, most of the time, cheering over the opposing team, on their home turf.

A very intense Chicago Cubs fan
A very intense Chicago Cubs fan.
Thanks to IndyDina and Mr. Wonderful on for the picture.

The passion of Cubs fans has also led to many different traditions. In no other stadium is “Take Me Out the Ball Game” during the 7th inning stretch so religiously recited. It is the passion of the Cubs fans that keep the afternoon games alive -- and amazingly continue to always sell out. Do these people not have to work?

The dedication that Cubs fans have shown through all of the terrible Cubs seasons, has made the fans one of a kind. Not only did they stick it through the heartbreaking instances of the annual June Swoon, but also incidents like Steve Bartman’s during the 2003 playoffs. Despite having players like Fergie Jenkins, Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo, Greg Maddux, Sammy Sosa, Roger Hornsby, Ryne Sandberg, Hack Wilson, Dennis Eckersley, and Lee Smith, a World Series title has still avoided the Cubs. The despair of the Cubs has earned a soft spot in everyone’s heart, whether they are from Chicago or not. No fan is more lovable than a Chicago Cubs baseball fan.

Cubs Fans Go Wild.
Cubs Fans Go Wild.
Thanks to Somewhat Frank on for the picture.

Cubs fans are the most dedicated fans there are in sports. When a team earns the nickname “The Loveable Losers”, you know that the people that keep rooting for them have to be pretty devoted. The commitment that the Northsider fans show towards their home team, after so many years of losing, earns them the title as the best fans of all time.

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