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For legions of baseball fans, Wrigley Field is undeniably the best all time professional baseball stadiumn the country. Wrigley Field is the home of the Chicago Cubs. It was built in 1914 for the Chicago Federal League baseball team, the Chicago Whales.

Quaint Wrigley Field is located in the neighborhood of Lakeview, in Chicago, and is surrounded by bars and restaurants referred to as Wrigleyville. Since 2006, the capacity of Wrigley Field has been about 41,118 fans and is the fourth smallest stadium in Major League Baseball. Is it also the oldest ball park in the National League. It got it’s name from it’s first owner, the famous Wrigley family – yes Wrigley gum. The Wrigley family was a partial owner of the Cubs and the Field they played in at the beginning. The Chicago Tribune then owned the Cubs and Wrigley Field for decades until selling them to Tom Ricketts and the Rickett family in 2009. Through it all, the “Wrigley” name remains.

Press Box view of Wrigley Field.
Press Box view of Wrigley Field. Thanks to for the picture. Source: PedalFreak

One of the most famous and unique features of Wrigley Field is its outfield walls, which are covered with Boston ivy. The ivy will start growing at the beginning of the season, and by the end of it, the walls will be entirely covered with the gorgeous ivy.

Another great feature of the Wrigley Field stadium is that, unlike many other ballparks that built fences around the park so that rooms and apartments in tall buildings surrounding the stadium wouldn’t have a view of the game, Wrigley offers many rooftop seats all around. The flat rooftops of buildings surround the field are ideal spots for fans having cookouts or just wanting to catch a glimpse of the baseball game. Since 2006, some of the rooftop emplacements are even part of the ballpark’s seating area, although they are not comprised in the capacity numbers. The great fan-friendly atmosphere present in Wrigleyville helps makes Wrigley Field the top stadium in Major League Baseball history.

Wrigley Field Scoreboard.
Wrigley Field Scoreboard. Thanks to for the picture. Source: JaseMan

It seems the Cubs have always loved baseball tradition. This can be seen in their resistance to playing night games at Wrigley Field. The Cubbies were the last team in MLB to install lights to allow for night baseball. That didn’t happen until 1988.

Many classic baseball moments have taken place at the Wrigley Field stadium. The 1917 pitching duel between Jim Vaughn and Fred Toney; the great “Homer in the Gloamin” in 1938 by Gabby Hartnett; Babe Ruth’s “called shot” home ru n in 1932; Ernie Banks 500th homer in 1970; and more. All these historic events help make the Wrigley Field stadium the best in professional (MLB) baseball. In fact, it is the only Federal League ballpark remaining, As one of the most highly regarded stadium in the National League. It is an historic landmark, both for Chicago and the baseball world.

The Cubs play the Marlins...and the Marlins lost really badly!.
The Cubs play the Marlins...and the Marlins lost really badly! Thanks to for the picture. Source: Michael_Lehet

A long history, an unusual tolerance to rooftop seating and a long list of magic baseball events are why we rank Wrigley Field the best all time professional baseball stadium. Oh, and of course Wrigley hosts the best all-time baseball fans. And, they definitely love and appreciate Wrigley.

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