Best All Time College Baseball Program

A college baseball program’s success can be measured by how many top players they produce; how many times they make it to the NCAA baseball postseason tournament; and how many College World Series they play in and win. Based on these criteria, the University of Southern California (USC) baseball program should be considered the best all-time college baseball program.

The USC Trojans, founded in 1988, represented their school in the NCAA and Pacific 10. USC is situated in sunny Los Angeles, California and has already won 12 National Championship Titles (most of any school all-time), made 21 appearances in College World Series and 71 appearances in the NCAA Tournament. The Trojans are second only to Texas in number of wins in the college world series.

Under Sam Crawford, the baseball program slowly rose through the ranks after a clumsy start. Before turning over the coaching job to Sam Barry, he boasted a record of 59-46-3. He served as USC Head Coach for 11 years before leaving for WWII. When he returned, Rod Dedeaux joined him in coaching the USC Trojans. Together they won the 1948 National Championship title. Barry died in 1950 and Dedeaux stayed with the team as head coasch. At that time the USC Baseball program was noted as the strongest college baseball program. When Dedeaux retired his record was an amazing 1,332 – 571 - 11.

Chad Kreuter is a former catcher in Major League Baseball and the current head coach of the USC Trojans baseball team.
Chad Kreuter is a former catcher in Major League Baseball and the current head coach of the USC Trojans baseball team. He was a personal catcher for Chan Ho Park. Thanks to iccsports on for the picture.

Mike Gillespie took over the program and successfully brought the USC Trojans to the National Championship in 1998 and brought home a win. Currently, Chad Kreuter leads the team. Some notable players in the USC baseball program are: Ian Kennedy, Jason Lane, Geoff Jenkins, Steve Kemp, Kent Hadley, Jim Barr, Bob Mitchell, Barry Zito, Seth Etherton, and Mark Prior. USC has an all time winning percentage of .654; all time victories of 2,589.

Ian Kennedy pitches on 4/4/2008.
Ian Kennedy pitches on 4/4/2008. Thanks to KOknockout920 on for the picture.

The USC Trojans have consistently produced young baseball talent for Major league Baseball. Oftentimes, the first set of draft picks are all USC players. Because of their great baseball program they produce some of the most talented baseball players in the game.

All in all, it's clear that USC has the top college baseball program in history.

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