Kobe Bryant Best All Time

by Lawton

Standing 6’6 205 lbs, the 15 time all star, Kobe Bryant, is the best all around basketball player in the game. Kobe is one of the few players to come to the NBA straight out of high school. After being picked up in the first round by the Charlotte Hornets he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. Since then he has won 5 rings for the Lakers and helped the franchise become a powerhouse.

In many peoples view Michael Jordan is the best player to ever play the game which i wouldn’t totally disagree with. Although Jordan is considered the best ever you have to take into consideration that athletes have developed tremendously since he was in his prime. Kobe plays in an era where #2 guards are longer and more athletic, with guys that come in as defensive specialists, where teams constantly double pass the 3 point line. Jordan played in an era where #2 guards were shorter, less athletic, and teams allowed him to play one on one more often. Kobe is all around a more fundamentally sound player then Jordan. Phil Jackson stated this himself.

As people say Jordan is the best of all time but many say that Lebron James will be better than Jordan and Kobe. Lebron is better than Kobe at this very moment but Kobe is out of his prime. Kobe is an all around more dangerous player due to the fact that he can do it all. He will take you to the rim, he will hit a fader with a hand in his face, and he will cross you up. He can do it all. Kobe creates opportunities for himself with the ball while Lebron usually just drives the ball to the whole and tries to draw a foul. Both of these men are ballers but Kobe is just all around the best, most clutch player in the game.

Scoring is what Bryant does best, and whether you like it or not, that ability alone assures him a place among legends of the game. Everything else is just icing on the cake. Its easy to ignore the fact that Kobe regularly leads the NBA in assists at his position. Bryant takes every shot with confidence because with his abilities no shot is a bad shot and his 81 point game will prove it to you. 81 points in one game? That is insane.

Of course winning five championships to go along with all those points doesn’t hurt Kobe. Bryant has many amazing accomplishment and has set multiple records. At 34 years old Bryant became the youngest player in League history to reach 30,000 career points. With still a few more years left under his belt he already has crushed the Los Angeles Lakers franchise record for the most career points. Just because he is aged don’t count him out for the upcoming seasons. With the competitive nature of Kobe Bryant he won’t be done until he gets his 6th ring or he physically can’t play anymore. Kobe Bryant is the best.

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