Best Women’s College Basketball Conference

The current best women’s college basketball conference is the Big East to which the Connecticut Huskies belong. The UCONN Huskies are the most prominent female basketball program in the United States. It is not only the most prominent, it also the best NCAA women’s college basketball conference.

This great team from Connecticut has won the national championship already six times. They had a lull for a while, but after some years of rather little success, the Huskies are back again. This year, they won the National Collegiate Athletic Association Women’s Basketball Tournament once more. The Louisville Cardinals were defeated by them in the final round. Rutgers was in the Ladies' NCAA b-ball finals 2 years ago (lost to Tennessee).

There is another female college basketball team in the United States that just as successful as the Connecticut Huskies. The Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball team belong to the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The UT Lady Vols have won it all even more times -- 8. Together, but from different conferences, the Lady Vols and the Connecticut Huskies have been dominating collegiate women’s basketball.

Connecticut Huskies
Connecticut Huskies best women’s college basketball conference. Thanks to for the picture. Source: Dinur

The Big East Women’s Basketball Teams are the current top women’s college basketball conference and consist of Cincinnati, Connecticut, DePaul, Georgetown, Louisville, Marquette, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Providence, Rutgers, St. Johns, Seton Hall, USF, Syracuse, Villanova, and West Virginia. Given the breadth and depth of Big East Women's Basketball -- it has to be considered the best. If not the all-time best, at least the #1 womens college basketball conference for now.

Connecticut Huskies vs. Florida Gators.
Connecticut Huskies vs. Florida Gators. Thanks to for the picture. Source: Dinur

In comparison to men’s basketball, women’s basketball still has some catching up to do. There is not as strong of a rivalry between them and not as many teams that rank as closely to each other. It is changing though as more and more women are coming up and into the sport. A good league and a good conference with interesting and thrilling matches are depending on a wide variation of teams and players with different styles, tricks and tactics. Schools are encouraging girls to play basketball and there are some great high school teams coming up in the ranks and being looked at to produce some great college women basketball players.

The 2008-2009 season is the 30th season for The BIG EAST Conference. It has never been stronger, since its inception and this academic year marks the fourth year as the nation’s largest Division I-A conference and the current top women’s college basketball conference.

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