Winter is Coming for Manchester City, Warns Neville

Although Gary Neville is complimenting Manchester City's performance over the season, he has warned that the team will face challenges coming up.

The Most Excellent Start in Premier League History

As punters who engage in a spot of footy betting every now and then know full well, Pep Guardiola's side have managed the finest start for any side in the history of the Premier League. Manchester City has picked up a total of 28 points from their first ten fixtures, and is currently sitting five points clear at the top of the table. There is a 29-goal difference!

However, in both of the last two seasons for Manchester City, the team has managed to pick up 2.3 points per game between the months of August and November, and then seen that drop down to less than 1.8 from November to January. Neville is warning Guardiola to avoid a repeat of this.

Neville Praises MC on Monday Night Football

Neville spoke of Manchester City's outstandingly high level on Monday Night Football, and added that only the team could put a stop to their brilliance. He spoke of resilience being necessary, and the requirement of robustness, but warned of the slump the team has faced over this upcoming period before.

Neville mentioned a season under Pellegrini and one under Guardiola, and cited the team's performance in the months of November, December, and January. He added that Manchester City would have won two titles in these two seasons if they had managed to maintain the level of play with which they'd begun.

Neville Warns of Trouble Ahead

Neville cautioned dropping to their previous levels in the months of November, December, and January, but also acknowledged how difficult these were. With weather, injuries, fixtures, the Christmas period, and the Champions League, he admitted that it was a tough time for any team.

Neville stated that, in his view, their performance over this period had cost them the last two seasons, but, if they managed these months this time, their most outstanding performance to date could be on the cards. He added that it was wonderful to watch the team, thanks to the great level of football they were displaying.

Neville further hinted at difficult games coming up for Manchester City, with their games against Manchester United and Tottenham coming up in December before they travelled through to face off against Newcastle and Crystal Palace for the final fixtures of 2017 for the team.

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