Why Kiwis Love Betting on Horses

Kiwis love to bet on the ponies. Thoroughbred horses are amongst the most majestic animals in the world, with rippling muscles under the silken skin. The thrill of watching a pack thundering down the home straight in full flight is something that cannot be found in any other sport. Betting on these champions of the animal world adds a level of excitement to simply watching them run.

Adds Excitement

Placing a bet on a horse in a race, especially a big race such as the Melbourne Cup, adds an element of excitement to just watching the horses. Horse racing betting sites allows Kiwis to have a real stake in who wins, not just idly watching the race for the fun of it. Kiwis can gather together in a group of friends, or even down at the pub, and have different bets on different horses, creating a fun and competitive atmosphere that some people look forward to all year round.

It also gives Kiwis a chance to be patriotic. More and more people are betting on the major races, and backing horses from their home countries even against international or Australian favourites.

Why Kiwis Love Betting On Horses
Jun 10, 2017; Elmont, NY, USA; Horses at the start of the 2017 Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park. Mandatory Credit: Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Chances Of Hitting It Big

Of course one of the main reasons why New Zealanders love betting on horses is the chance to hit it big and score wild amounts, or even small amounts of cash. An exotic bet carried out correctly and successfully could result in a life-changing amount of money.

When placing a bet on a horse you get the same feeling as fishing for a huge fish, you never know what may happen but the chance is always there that you can land the big one. Smaller wins can be just as satisfying. If you are down at the pub and win even a smallish amount on your favourite pony, you can buy your mates or possibly the entire bar a round of drinks, increasing your popularity and having a great day all round.

Family Bonding

Many families love to go to the races on a Saturday. Not necessarily for only the big name races to see legendary horses run, but even just the regular Saturday races can be a whole day outing. Kids enjoy the carnival like atmosphere and watching the horses in the parade ring, while parents place a quick wager on who they think may win or place.

Sitting on the grass in the sun with the thrill of the field cantering down to the starting gates is something that can create lasting family memories, even more so if a winning bet is placed and everyone gets taken out for supper or ice cream afterwards.

Serious Hobby

For those who take wagering on horse racing more seriously, it can become an actual hobby. Tracing the bloodlines of winning thoroughbreds, following trainers as they rise and fall from stardom, and keeping a close eye on the yearling sales is something which done by many punters around New Zealand.

Thoroughbred breeding and racing is a fascinating industry which, when followed, can result in some much more serious wagering than simply taking a flutter on a lazy Saturday. Going to the training yards and watching the horses train to get an idea of how they may perform is something that a number of people thoroughly enjoy and look forward too.

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