Ranking the SEC Football Conference for 2013

By Paul Grossinger

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) remains the power conference in football.  While the Big Ten may rule basketball's regular season, the SEC dominates everyone in football – and actually carries that dominance over to winning national championships.

Indeed, for betting men who love football (and William Hill Bookmaker) the SEC is a good bet to make; it is almost sure to send a team (again) to the Title Game.  The only question is: which team?

Let's take a stab at ranking the SEC's best programs for 2013:

No. 1: Alabama

The Crimson Tide are just a no-brainer.  Alabama has been the class of football under Nick Saban and, coming off an exceptional season and in with a top-five recruiting class, the Tide should dominate.

No. 2: Georgia

The Bulldogs have long been the “also-ran” of the SEC; a top program unable to capitalize and win the big one.  Last year's excellent season might be the beginning of changing that trend.  At a minimum, Georgia is looking at another 10+ win season and contention for the SEC East title. 

No. 3: Florida

The Gators looked like the best team in the nation last year until they laid an egg at the biggest moment.  Still, many will pick them to win the SEC East over Georgia – and it is hard to argue that's impossible.  Coach Will Muschamp has the program back on the fast track and that will continue in 2013.

What about the worst programs; the ones you don't want to bet on at all costs?  Sadly, the SEC has a few of those too.

No. 1: Auburn

The biggest stinker of them all: after bribing Cam Newton and breaking every recruiting rule in the NCAA handbook, Auburn won the 2010 National Title, only to sink to the bottom of the BCS within two years.  Can they recover?

No. 2: Kentucky

Just wait for the basketball season, folks.

No. 3: Arkansas

Southern gentlemanry aside, Arkansas may have wanted to let coach Bobby Petrino sleep with whomever he liked, considering where the program has gone since his departure.  Has anyone's record ever looked so much better a year after they got fired?

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Ranking the SEC Football Conference for 2013 to NCAA Football History

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