Michael Jordan Best Defensive Player in NBA History

by Lonny Smith
(Canton, Ohio)

The Best all time pro basketball defensive player, as by the acclamation of millions of fans and statistics, is certainly Michael Jordan. Yes, this is the same Michael Jordan who was awarded the best defensive player award in 1998.

Jordon, standing six and a half feet tall, has accomplished what many big-wigs of basketball could only dream of. His career spans over two decades, and have included many accomplishments and accolades. His development as a professional offensive player with the ability to defend increases his charisma. He has been honored with both the most valuable player award as well as the best defensive player award in 1988.

Jordan made to the roaster of all-time defensive team of NBA nine times in his career. This is still an NBA record. Many analysts and historians say that Jordan was a clutch performer, and he would always demand the ball at crunch time. The invincible defense he provided in multitude of games still revolves in the mind of millions of his fans.

Additionally, Michael Jordan holds the record for most blocked shots by a guard. When this ability of Jordan is combined with his ball-thieving ability, his defensive prowess is obvious.

Jordan was also skilled in assists ever since the beginning of his career. His defensive abilities had helped Chicago Bulls come out of crunching times. Also, his rebounding abilities have also been highlighted in his illustrious career. The record of 6.2 rebounds per game stands as an example. His position in court has been of shooting guard but his versatility has always the most impressive thing.

Michael Jordan was famously nicknamed as “air Jordan” and “His airiness”. He used to wear jersey numbers 23, 45 and 9. In his honor the two jerseys numbered 23 and 45 were retired. The main reason behind this was the two retirements that Jordan took during his career.

Yes, there have been a lot of skillful players in NBA but there has been no one that immensely talented. During the primetime of his career his guards, blocks, assists and rebounds have helped him earn the title of both MVPs and also the best defensive player award. Seeing these statistics and achievements, it is without a shadow of doubt that Michael Jordan is undeniably the best all time pro basketball defensive player.

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