Deeney Charged with Violent Conduct

Troy Deeney, striker for Watford, has been accused of violent conduct by not only the team of the receiving end of his tantrum, but by the Football Association as well.

This charge followed an incident concerning Joe Allen, midfielder for Stoke, and Deeney during the Premier League match on Saturday.

Players from Both Teams Squared Up

The 29-year old forward seized the Welsh international by the face, and players from both of the teams proceeded to get involved in the stoppage-time event.

Win Aside, the Altercation Stood Out

While Stoke did go on to win the match with a final score of 1 - 0, thanks to a goal by Darren Fletcher, the altercation between Allen and Deeney is what we remember from the game!

The FA released a statement confirming that Deeney had been charged, and made it clear that the player had been accused of violent conduct during the game, adding that Deeney had until 18h00 on the 31st of October to respond to the indictment. Any type of sports crime is serious, and it is clear that the FA is prepared to go the distance here.

Hughes Said Deeney Was to Blame

After the game had finished, Mark Hughes, manager for Stokes, proceeded to lay the blame for the altercation solely at Deeney's door.

Stoke had placed the ball out of play following a player going down with an injury, but, rather than passing the ball back after the throw-in, Deeney seemed to try a cross into the penalty area belonging to the visiting team.

Allen responded with anger, but was then grabbed by the face by Deeney, as players from both teams stood up to settle the matter once more.

While both Allen and Deeney were booked, Hughes was unimpressed by Deeney's conduct and felt that the player should face further action.

A Bit Unnecessary, Quote Unquote

With many punters engaged in Aussie sports betting on the game no doubt in agreement, Hughes went on to say that he felt Deeney's conduct was unnecessary. There really was no call for violence and it not only brings the players into disrepute, it also shows the sport in a bad light. Something that no one wants at any stage, and that players should be disciplined enough to avoid.

He said it was clear that the ball had been kicked out of play, and that the gentlemanly, sportsman-like, thing to do would have been to throw it back.

Hughes went on to say that Deeney had additional responsibility as the club's captain, but he had shaped to play it right into Stokes' box, and so Allen had reacted. He felt that the incident spoke for itself, and that the proper measures would be taken by those in authority, with consequences being felt by all those in the wrong.

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