Best All Time US Soccer Goal

by Mo Johnson
(Virginia )

Maybe the most significant soccer goal ever scored by an American soccer player was Landon Donovan's goal to beat Algeria 1-0 in the 2010 World Cup. The goal was difference between being knocked out in the first round and winning the group. It was the first time an American soccer team had won a group in world cup competition since 1930. Just a huge goal.

This video went viral the day after and captures the intensity, passion and importance of the goal to Americans. Unfortunately, the US team went on to lose the next game to Ghana. Still, this was a great sports moment; a breakthrough performance in terms of American passion on and off the field for "The Beautiful Game". Check out this video about the reaction to the "best all time" American soccer goal:

Makes sense we'd call this to top American goal ever since Landon Donovan is the all-time American soccer goals and assist leader.

If you are looking for something to remember the 2010 world cup by, visit World Cup Soccer Gear.

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